Tony When He Was a KidHi there! I’m the Tony half of Tony & Kris. How about a conversation starter? I’m in my mid-40′s & have never had a cavity. Can anyone top it? 50′s? 60′s? Okay, now a little history:
I was born in Ohio. My family moved to Alabama the summer I turned 9. We lived in Gadsden for a couple years, then moved to Hokes Bluff. I went to Jacksonville State University, where I began working at the college radio station. I liked it so much I thought I might want to get paid to do it so I applied at WHMA-FM & got a gig doing overnights. After a few years I made a move to a rock station to be closer to my wife & new baby & that’s where I met Kris. We became friends & soon after decided we should do a show together. After a brief run in Alabama we made the move to San Diego for 15 years. It’s been a great ride so far.
I was married for 22 years before, unfortunately, divorcing. I have 3 kids. Lexi, my oldest, is a graduate of the University of San Diego. My son Geoffrey recently graduated from the McNally Smith College of Music & my youngest, Meredith, is 18. I’ve always loved animals & at one time had 6 dogs, 4 cats, a chinchilla, a snake & horses. I’m happy to say it’s been whittled down to just a few dogs & a couple cats now, although both my girlfriend & I LOVE animals so we could add some more later.
I love movies of all kinds & all kinds of music. I’m a big reader. I love David Baldacci, Michael Connelly, Harlan Coben & Jeff Shaara. Television has always been a good friend. I love great comedies. M*A*S*H, Seinfeld, The Simpsons, All In The Family & Cheers are some classic faves. Currently, I never miss Amazing Race, Top Chef, Master Chef, House of Cards, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Grey’s Anatomy, Family Guy, Archer & American Dad. I’m really into Crossfit & love watching football.
I guess that’s about it. If you listen to the show & read our blogs you’ll get more info than you could ever want about our lives!

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  1. Casey N

    Hi you guys are great. On yesterday’s show you guys were talking about a app that if you have it and your spouse doesn’t know about it you might be cheating I missed what was the name of it. Thanks

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