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Tony and Kris StandingTony Randall & Kris Rochester have been in the radio business since they were teens. Both began in 1986, Tony at 18, Kris at 16. The guys worked at several different small stations in the Gadsden-Anniston area of Alabama before meeting in 1991.

They immediately hit it off & decided to put together a morning show. Shortly thereafter, they got a job at WHMA-FM where the two completely inexperienced morning men had great success.
Ten months later they were offered the morning job at country monster KSON-FM in San Diego, CA. Tony & Kris spent a fantastic 10 years there, where they won the ACM award for Major Market Broadcast Personalities of the Year & were nominated for a CMA for the same. They spent 5 more years at a cross-town station.

All the while, their dream was to one day bring their show to a nationwide audience & as owners of Tony & Kris Productions, LLC, initially partnering with Cumulus Broadcasting & under the watchful eyes of Jan Jeffries, theyโ€™ll be doing just that.

21 thoughts on “Tony and Kris in the Morning

  1. Anita Jones

    I can not believe you are no longer on K94.9 in the mornings. That was my favorite part of my day listening to you on the way to work. I will no longer be listening to that station. I need to know another station I can listen in to hear you guys. Love you both.

  2. Lucy

    On your Valentine’s day show you talked about songs with the word “Love” in the title. One of the songs you mentioned was Whitney Houston’s “I will Always Love You” and then commented (rather sarcastically that you had heard Dolly Parton’s version. Have you ever researched who wrote the song?

  3. Melanie Christians

    Finally, I’ve tracked you guys down! Its been 20 years..

    Let me explain…

    In highschool I used to listen to a local off-the-mainline radio station while studying at night. I could only get the frequency in certain areas of my room, but Saturday nights were my favourite.
    Now, Im from Cape Town, in South Africa and so I am well aware that the shows this station were flighting, were pre-recorded American shows.

    On Friday evenings they’d have a VOA insert with Dr. James Dobson. No matter.

    My love for all things country way born from listening to the “Boot Scootin’ Party at Night” show. And then one day, you were just gone.

    The station closed its doors, the air was filled with white noise and my country music education subsequently ended.

    Last night I found an old cassette tape that had recorded about 20min of your show and I heard “…thanks for listening to the Boot Scootin’ Party at night with your hosts, Tony and Kris…”

    The wonders of Google and now Im here. To thank you both, for getting me through those rough high school years, when I was so lost and impressionable…where Alison and Reba sang my pain…and you introduced me a wealth of comfort in country.

    Today, two decades later, I am well adjusted and with the advent of music shows like Americas Got Talent, I am no longer the weird one for loving country music…or crazy for thinking the CMAs are more important than the Grammys.

    You changed a young girls life and this woman thanks you!


  4. Melanie Christians

    I just did the math back to highschool, and it was almost 20 years. The shows aired here in CT round about 1996. Maybe you remember where you guys worked and HOW your shows ended up here.

  5. Tom and Belle Hartman

    Wow! Tony and Kris, it was a pleasant surprise to hear you on the air when we were on the road to Myrtle Beach, SC to visit family. We listened to you from day 1 on KSON in San Diego. We lived in Oceanside, CA for 30 years before moving to TX in 2010. You have always been our favorites. Last year when we were on our way from SC to TX we heard you I believe somewhere around Atlanta on the radio and we were determined to find you again. Thanks for the great memories. Now that we know where you are, we will try to listen more often.

  6. Connie Ramage

    I was on the way to work this morning & you guys weren’t there to start my day!!! 102.9 in Topeka! I really need a new station & I will call this morning to let 102.9 how disappointed I am that they are not broadcasting you. If you can, can you let me know a close station for my car. I already listen to a Chicago station once I get to work. I can’t imagine starting my day without “Tony&Kris”. Thanks, Connie

  7. Jean

    Totally agree with Connie. I’m very disappointed in 102.9 in Topeka. I miss you guys! Is there a list somewhere of the radio stations carrying your show?

  8. Frances Mower

    I have never gotten over you guys leaving San Diego and your morning show which was the highlight of my morning drive to work. Hope your new indevors are rewarding for you both. The evening broadcast KSON had was not the same as your morning show which was so personable. Never been able to transfer over to anyone else. I just listen to talk radio instead.

  9. admin Post author

    You are too kind, thank you. We miss you. ๐Ÿ™‚ You can listen online to our morning show if you have a tablet or smart phone in your car.

  10. Maryellen Stumbaugh

    Miss hearing you on KSON in the evenings. When will you be back on the air!! San Diego isn’t the same without you

  11. Melody Hawks

    years ago my daughter was turning 5 and wanted to meet you two. Your producer at KSON set it up and you guys gave my daughter the best birthday gift ever! She remembers it to this day even at the ripe old age of 22. What a fond memory for us! Thanks for being a great couple of guys!!!

  12. David & Karen

    Hey Tony & Kris!
    We are from San Diego and have enjoyed your morning show for many years, when you left KSON we followed you to the other one, then, heard you once in in awhile in the evening on KSON again. Or are we imagining that we heard you in the evening on KSON?
    Now we are driving thru New Mexico and heard you on 101.9 as we are driving south on the 25. Where are you at now?

    David & Karen

  13. admin Post author

    We are syndicated out of Nashville, Tn. on over 40 stations around the country. Love that you heard us and reached out. Hope all is well.

  14. Ginger

    Move to Nacogdoches, TX in 2005 from San Diego. Have been homesick for San Diego for a real long time. And then one morning Im driving home from work and I happen to hear Tony and Chris one morning and I nearly drove the car off the road. It was like having a piece of home here with me. Its not always hard to pick it up but when I do I will sit and listen until they go off the air. I also listened to them from day one. I changed stations when they did. You have no idea how suprising and welcoming it was to hear them on the radio. Thanks so much and keep up the good work. Is there a internet station where I can pick them up?

  15. Matt Davis

    I’m really excited I found you two again! I’m from San Diego and years ago my parents used to always listen to your morning show on KSON and my family loved it, we loved you guys so much we even switched over from KSON to US 95.7 just to hear you guys and when you guys left there we were devastated. Now bounce forward to now and I randomly stumbled upon you guys. I think my family will be happy we can listen to you guys again.

  16. Michelle Martin

    I miss yall so much…so glad I found yall again…Mornings in San Diego have sucked so bad since yall left..What station can I find your morning show again here in San Diego? Thank you.

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