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Guests of the Tony and Kris Show!

Dierks Bentley In Studio With Tony and Kris

Dierks Bentley stopped by to talk about the road, life, and his new cd “Home”. It always turns into a lot of uncomfortable almost over the line jokes whenever Dierks is in.
click here to listen to the interview

Trace Shows His Butt On Twitter – WARNING GRAPHIC PHOTO

Country stars are known for sharing their lives with fans, but Trace Adkins took that relationship to a whole new level via Twitter. Trace had some kidney stones broken up at the hospital Tuesday in Nashville, and he actually posted a picture of himself from behind wearing a hospital gown that left nothing to the imagination.

The procedure went well. Trace tweeted, “In recovery. They said that I required an unusually large stent and that it is freakishly long. Thank you Lord!”

WARNING! See Trace’s Bare Butt HERE

Yard Sales, Letting Go, & Remembering Dad – Tony’s Blog

Big week at the Randall house, as we prepare for…THE YARD SALE. Our dining room is full of stuff & we’re starting the pricing. What a chore! It’s interesting to see what becomes
a “keeper” & what goes in the “I guess we really don’t need that after all” pile. We’ve been a family for over 20 years & each time we’ve moved (which is more than I’d care to admit) we’ve always thinned the herd.
Yet here we are with several boxes of stuff, piles of clothes & a bunch of this & thats. We opened a box in the attic & it had several keepsakes from my childhood in it, mostly stuff I took out of my parents’ house when they died.

What Tony Kept