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Turning 41, Going to Florida, Saving Money and More- Kris’ Blog

It’s December. Wow. This year really did fly by. It’s been the most happy I’ve been in years. Our business is starting to really grow the way we intended. We will be back on in San Diego SOON. www.kson.com has a teaser up on their website. It’s exciting to be back in the city we were in so long. I’ll be turning 41 in a couple of weeks. It just so happens I’ll be at a great charity event in Florida with Jake Owen/Chris Young and a group of friends. Read about the Jake Owen Charity Event It should be a great time and I will post pics and videos.

Talking about how happy I am, A friend of mine started going to therapy finally.
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Football, Divorce, and Tracy Morgan- Kris’ Blog

It’s Wed. already. Countdown to LSU at Alabama this weekend. Very excited. A group of us got a tour bus and bus driver to take us down to Tuscaloosa.
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Holiday Weekend, New Music, Entourage, and Honda

 Hope everyone has big and fun plans for the holiday weekend!  Some great things have been happening on the show.  Lady A joined us in studio to talk about the new cd.  Stoney Larue has a new one called Velvet too.  You should check those out.  Jake Owen joined us in studio to talk about his new cd “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” which is my favorite in a long, long time.  Great cd. Several songs on it are SO GOOD.  I love “The One That Got Away”, Wide Awake, and Journey Of My Life to name a few although my favorite hands down that I feel I am living right now is called “Alone With You”.  Get this cd.  

  Got back into running now that my knee is healing finally.  Been running 3 miles a day.  Hope to get back up to 5 soon. Tony and I are heading to New York in a few weeks and we still have some surprises coming for California!  
   Does anyone have a Honda Ridgeline?  I have always driven a Chevy but thinking about a Ridgeline and wanted some opinions.

 Have you been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, and the Closer this year.  ALL GREAT.   Got to run right now but will check back in soon.  Be safe. 

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Family and Onions- Tony’s Blog

Hi there! Just a quick pop-in as I’m about to head out the door to pick up Lexi at the airport as she arrives from San Diego for a late-summer visit before she starts her *GULP* Junior year at University of San Diego!
Can’t believe how the years have flown. She’ll be 20 in December, Geoffrey just turned 17 & is a Senior in high school & Meredith recently turned 15 & is a Sophomore. Seems like yesterday we were all going
school shopping together & they were all so excited to start the new year. Now (with the younger two at least) we have to drag them out of bed each day to get there, though Meredith still likes the shopping part.

On an unrelated note, I saw a story online a couple days ago about weird sandwich combinations people eat & the headline brought happy memories of my dad rushing back. The author was talking about how she’s made fun of for eating
peanut butter & onion sandwiches. Those were my pop’s favorites! He would eat them 2 or 3 times a week & every time, mom & I would cringe. The weirdest I ever got was as a kid, I would make a bologna, mustard & potato chip sandwich.
Delicious & crunchy! Do you have any weird sandwich combos that make people look at you like you’re nuts?

That’s it for now. Looking forward to a fun, but too short visit with Lexi & having all my kids under one roof for a while. Talk to you soon!

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