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Guests of the Tony and Kris Show!

Fires, Taylor, & A Singing Sandwich

Hope you all are having a great week. Crazy time a place I play golf, hang out at the other night. A HUGE house caught fire and burned to the ground. I snapped a pic. Bringing it up cause it was started by a chimney that was not cleaned out in a few years. Make sure your chimney is CLEAN!
Here’s a weird one for you. Subway yesterday, I walked in and the lady in front of me ordered her sandwich by singing her order– ALL THE WAY from the bread to paying. She looked normal but every person there was just looking around like are we on a tv show or something. It was crazy. What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen while out shopping or getting food?
Tony and I head to Lexington, Ky tomorrow for the Taylor Swift concert. She is such an amazing kid. To think 5 years ago this week she released her fist song and now, WOW, just WOW. International superstar. Very happy for her and this show is very good so it will be great. Hope to see you all before the show at our tailgate party.
We are trying to hurry back from the show to get to a party or two. Lot going on here in Nashville, and a friend from San Diego is in town. Speaking of San Diego, thanks again to EVERYONE and the kind words. Looking forward to being back on KSON and we have a new station coming on in Palm Springs next week.
Halloween is here, please be careful and have fun! Hope you have a great costume like last year when Lee Ann Womack was Lady GaGa. LOL.
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Who’s Fat, Bald or Dead? Tony’s Blog

I’m doing something this weekend I haven’t done in over 20 years: Seeing people with whom I went to high school!
My 25th reunion is here & I’ve decided to take the trip back to Hokes Bluff, Alabama to take part. They’ve had one or two
other reunions but we lived in California & I really wasn’t up for a 2,500 mile trip for a reunion. But now, at 43 years old & feeling
a little nostalgic, plus living much closer, I figure it’s time. Like anyone, I’m curious about my former classmates. Who will have changed the most? Who got heavy? Who got skinny? Who got bald? We were a small class so it won’t be any major throwdown, but
it should be fun to see adults who, the last time I saw them in person, were teens without a clue.
Have you done the 20+ year reunion? What were the biggest surprises? Any fights? Any hook-ups? I feel compelled to cause something to happen that will be remembered. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide & try to get pictures or video if the police are involved!

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New York Trip For CMT Tour!

Tony and Kris took a quick weekend trip to New York to see Lee Brice, Josh Thompson, and Luke Bryan in Concert


Saying Goodbye- Kris’ Blog

Hi there,
Hope all is well with everyone. It’s been a tough week. They say that Nashville is really bad for allergy and sinus issues. I’ve really had no trouble until yesterday. Got knocked on my butt, I’m back at it now though. My Grandma Betty died yesterday morning. All my grandparents are now gone. 🙁 She was an amazing woman, so many people make excuses and complain “poor, poor me”. If anybody had the right to that it was her. She had polio and had great difficulty walking. Over the years that messed up her back. She raised my Uncle and Mom by herself. She paid her own way and never complained about her circumstances. She suffered from Alzheimer’s the past few years and that was tough, especially on my mom. The last time I saw her, she did not know who I was, then out of nowhere right near the end of the visit she said “Well, Kristian I still remember that day of you playing in the snow”. She went into great detail about a day when I was 5 playing in the snow. She had told that story for years. A brief moment that she remembered. Anyway, it’s weird knowing that I don’t have any grandparents left. Talk to you all later and hope you take a moment today to call or write a note to those that are important to you.
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Eddie Montgomery In Studio

Montgomery Gentry

One of Tony & Kris‘s dearest friends, Eddie Montgomery (of Montgomery Gentry) swung by the studios while in town to finish up some recording. Always a fun time when he stops by! Check out parts 1-3 of his interview: Eddie also says one of the nicest things in the world to us that was really special.

Part 1

[audio:http://www.tonyandkris.com/audio/TK_EddieMontgomerypt1.mp3|titles=Eddie Montgomery (Part 1)|artists=Tony & Kris]

Part 2

[audio:http://www.tonyandkris.com/audio/TK_EddieMontgomerypt2.mp3|titles=Eddie Montgomery (Part 2)|artists=Tony & Kris]

Part 3

[audio:http://www.tonyandkris.com/audio/TK_EddieMontgomerypt3.mp3|titles=Eddie Montgomery (Part 3)|artists=Tony & Kris]