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Thank you, Christmas Lights, and Sink Hole- Tony’s Blog

Well, we’re less than a week from Thanksgiving & only (Yikes!) 36 days from Christmas! Are you ready? Hopefully you’ll
have the chance to hang with family. We’re excited because we get Lexi home for a few days next week. It’s always a treat to have the whole gang under one roof. Other than that it’s business as usual. Nashville will slowly start shutting down over the next few weeks
so things get pretty quiet for the holidays. No complaints here.
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Who’s Fat, Bald or Dead? Tony’s Blog

I’m doing something this weekend I haven’t done in over 20 years: Seeing people with whom I went to high school!
My 25th reunion is here & I’ve decided to take the trip back to Hokes Bluff, Alabama to take part. They’ve had one or two
other reunions but we lived in California & I really wasn’t up for a 2,500 mile trip for a reunion. But now, at 43 years old & feeling
a little nostalgic, plus living much closer, I figure it’s time. Like anyone, I’m curious about my former classmates. Who will have changed the most? Who got heavy? Who got skinny? Who got bald? We were a small class so it won’t be any major throwdown, but
it should be fun to see adults who, the last time I saw them in person, were teens without a clue.
Have you done the 20+ year reunion? What were the biggest surprises? Any fights? Any hook-ups? I feel compelled to cause something to happen that will be remembered. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide & try to get pictures or video if the police are involved!

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The Big Apple and Miranda- Kris’ Blog

Hope everyone’s life is great. Lot to catch you up on. Tony and I (and some friends) went to New York last weekend for the CMT Tour. Lee Brice, Josh Thompson, and Luke Bryan played a show and we got to party with them a bit. Luke’s mom was there and she listens to us down in Albany on K-Country. She’s too funny. Josh Thompson went out and hit the town with us. You should buy some of his stuff on iTunes. Won’t Be Lonely Long is my favorite song by him. Took a jog through Central Park, and got to hang most of the day at ground zero. Amazing stories down there. See photos from the New York Trip HERE

Last night may have been one of the coolest things I’ve done in the 20 years of radio I’ve worked. Under the arena here is a rehearsal area for artist to get ready for their tours. Miranda invited about 20 of us to come see her last night of rehearsal. She had couches set up in front of the stage. Tony and I had a few drinks made for us and basically got our own FULL Miranda Concert. Loved the fact she’s got “strings” in the show this year. One of my favorites from her. The show is going to be great so get your tickets when it comes to your town. A lot of pics are posted. HERE!
Hope you catch some football this weekend and that your team does well. We are getting closer to our 2 big announcements. This coming week or so we should be able to let you in on at least one of them.

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Miranda Lambert Rehearsal Show- EXCLUSIVE

Miranda invited us to the last night of rehearsal for her upcoming tour. These are just some of the photos and a few videos. It was in a special rehearsal hall under the arena in Nashville. The Pistol Annies made an appearance, two rock cover songs, and all of her hits. We were lucky enough to be able to watch with about 20 others on a couch about 10 feet from the stage. It was like our own private Miranda concert and was amazing. Hope you catch it when it comes to your town.

New York Trip For CMT Tour!

Tony and Kris took a quick weekend trip to New York to see Lee Brice, Josh Thompson, and Luke Bryan in Concert


Remember 9/11- Tony’s Blog

I hope you all had a great weekend. Relaxing around here. Although at one point on Saturday we did have 10 teenagers in our house. Yikes.

Watched a 9/11 special last night about the “Heroes Of The 88th Floor.” Basically how two regular guys who worked on that floor of the North Tower
of the World Trade Center helped save 77 people and inspired others to do the same. While we all thank fire, police, emt, military, etc., don’t forget
to thank the families of normal folks like you & me who did extraordinary things that day. How many of us would have stayed behind rather than go
down those stairs with our wives (which is what one of them did)? How many would fight to go up the stairs rather than down? How many would
sacrifice our lives to ensure that a few other people made it down? It was a remarkable, selfless act & the special was quite moving.
Kris & I saw it happen live. We followed the news & stayed on the air from 5:30 a.m. Pacific until well into the afternoon. We shared information &
encouragement, talking with listeners and letting them vent, cry & share. It was a day we’ll never forget & one of the rare opportunities two radio goofs
have the opportunity to do something that really matters: Help bring people together so healing may begin.
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Holiday Weekend, New Music, Entourage, and Honda

 Hope everyone has big and fun plans for the holiday weekend!  Some great things have been happening on the show.  Lady A joined us in studio to talk about the new cd.  Stoney Larue has a new one called Velvet too.  You should check those out.  Jake Owen joined us in studio to talk about his new cd “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” which is my favorite in a long, long time.  Great cd. Several songs on it are SO GOOD.  I love “The One That Got Away”, Wide Awake, and Journey Of My Life to name a few although my favorite hands down that I feel I am living right now is called “Alone With You”.  Get this cd.  

  Got back into running now that my knee is healing finally.  Been running 3 miles a day.  Hope to get back up to 5 soon. Tony and I are heading to New York in a few weeks and we still have some surprises coming for California!  
   Does anyone have a Honda Ridgeline?  I have always driven a Chevy but thinking about a Ridgeline and wanted some opinions.

 Have you been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, and the Closer this year.  ALL GREAT.   Got to run right now but will check back in soon.  Be safe. 

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Secondhand Heart, Love and Theft, Football, and Michael Jackson?- Kris’ Blog

What’s up? Been busy here, had Danny Gokey on the show. His song “Secondhand Heart” is so good. A perfect song for anyone who has been divorced, gone through a break up, or lost a loved one. It really is amazing. Had a chance to hang with Tony and his family the other night which is always fun. We enjoyed a few episodes of “Hart To Hart” and few beverages.
We are getting into a busy time of year, Lady A, Darius Rucker, Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean and more great stars are all on the show soon. We also are putting the final touches on how you can spend a week with us and some country folks having a great time! Can’t wait for the details of that to be released.
We’ve been adding some new stations to the family and really appreciate it. Hope you help spread the word. Yucca Valley, Ca.- KX96 ,Lewistown, Pa.- Star Country 96.7, and our latest Florence, S.C.- Wheelz Country. We have more coming. It’s very exciting.
Know anyone that is a webmaster? We use wordpress and are looking to revamp our site and need someone. If you know someone that is interested please let us know.
Had a chance to see country duo LOVE AND THEFT. They have a new cd produced by the famous Josh Leo coming in November. I was lucky enough to be at the studio and they played it for me. It’s REALLY GOOD. You will love it. While we were there Martina’s husband (owner of the studio) popped in and played us a remastered version of Thriller and Billie Jean by Michael Jackson that their is no way to describe. I may not hear for another year the sound was so loud and good!
Football season is ALMOST here. Can’t wait for my Crimson Tide to start the season. Who are you pulling for this year? Do you have any tailgate or gameday recipes that are MUST TRY. Let me know. Have a great day.