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Guests of the Tony and Kris Show!

Celebrity Run In, Golf, & Old Friends- Kris’ Blog

Hey there,
Hope you had a great weekend. It was crazy for me. Got to hang with some friends Friday night at a bar called the the Tilted Kilt then finally checked out “The Social Network”….Good Movie. Saturday I was texting (I prefer to text than actually talk on the phone-lol) Miranda’s producer Frank Liddell about a song and I said “You should check out Wade Hayes and this song” as I was hitting send, I ran into Wade Hayes. Have not seen him in almost 5 years. We caught up and he has to be one of the nicest guys around. He’s got a few songs on iTunes you should check out. The Day She Left Tulsa, Up North, What I meant To Say are my 3 favorites by him.

Sunday I went golfing with Joanna Smith @farmgirljoanna on twitter. She posted some video and pics from the day. She’s a really good golfer, showed me up. lol.
We had a lot of fun. I hit a house which she tweeted right away. Thanks for that. She freaked me out though cause she’s never seen JAWS! Do you believe that? She really is a talented performer too, check her out from when she was on the show here Joanna Smith on the Tony and Kris Show.

Later in the day I was at the golf club and I walked in and grabbed a seat to see some of the Masters and the guy next to me says “hey man!” and I look over and it’s Joe Don (@joedonrooney). He’s not an artist that I’ve hung out with a lot. I mean we’ve known them for years. We were talking about a Tony and Kris golf tourney that Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, and Brad Paisley played in and performed together at the dinner. How much would that line up cost now. LOL. Anyway, he said to tell everyone hello and hopes to see you all out on the Rascal Flatts tour.

Going to be another busy week. Get your taxes done! I got mine done and it turned out pretty darn good for me. Love that and my tax guy. He’s awesome. Catch you later in the week.

Joanna Smith stops by the Tony and Kris Show

Joanna Smith Sings \"Hold My Hand\"
See her music video here:Gettin\' Married
Be sure to pick up her current singles “Georgia Mud” and “Gettin’ Married” on iTunes. We will add more from this visit over the next couple of days. Tony, Joanna, Kris

Kris survived the Bahamas!

Back from a long weekend in the Bahamas. We had a chance to go down to “Atlantis” and saw an outdoor showcase with new artist Joanna Smith along with Chuck Wicks. Sara Evans was there too. Sara also did a small show one night to play some new music from her latest cd. We will have more on the trip during the coming days. Crazy thing on the flight back. Horrible bumpy flight. Anyway the man next to me started crying everytime the plane shook. Kind of freaked me out cause it was like he was about to go off and do something crazy. Really, Really weird. This is the time to check out the show if you have not so far. We are doing our Tony and Kris fall flyaways, this trip is a trip to here in Nashville for the Movie Premiere of “Country Strong”. It will be a LOT of fun. We also start a “Star a day in the month of October. EVERYDAY we will interview a celebrity and to start off October right, Kenny Chesney stops by Friday morning. Got to run now, catch ya later
Last 10 songs in the ipod:
Poundcake- Van Halen
Watching Airplanes- Gary Allan
First Cut is the Deepest- Rod Stewart
Reckless- Alabama
Martin- Zac Brown Band
It’s Good To Be Me- Uncle Kracker
Take Me on The Floor- The Veronicas
Let it Go- Zac Brown Band
Going Up- Infant Sorrow (reminder “Get Him To The Greek” out on CD tomorrow
Brand New Day- Ryan Star

– Kris