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Guests of the Tony and Kris Show!

Family and Onions- Tony’s Blog

Hi there! Just a quick pop-in as I’m about to head out the door to pick up Lexi at the airport as she arrives from San Diego for a late-summer visit before she starts her *GULP* Junior year at University of San Diego!
Can’t believe how the years have flown. She’ll be 20 in December, Geoffrey just turned 17 & is a Senior in high school & Meredith recently turned 15 & is a Sophomore. Seems like yesterday we were all going
school shopping together & they were all so excited to start the new year. Now (with the younger two at least) we have to drag them out of bed each day to get there, though Meredith still likes the shopping part.

On an unrelated note, I saw a story online a couple days ago about weird sandwich combinations people eat & the headline brought happy memories of my dad rushing back. The author was talking about how she’s made fun of for eating
peanut butter & onion sandwiches. Those were my pop’s favorites! He would eat them 2 or 3 times a week & every time, mom & I would cringe. The weirdest I ever got was as a kid, I would make a bologna, mustard & potato chip sandwich.
Delicious & crunchy! Do you have any weird sandwich combos that make people look at you like you’re nuts?

That’s it for now. Looking forward to a fun, but too short visit with Lexi & having all my kids under one roof for a while. Talk to you soon!

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Keith Urban, Jake Owen, and A Mom makes money! Kris’Blog

Hope you are well. Had a very busy weekend here in Nashville. Had a nice Friday night with friends at a place called the Wine Loft and Sambuca. I tried to grab some videos from the bands that night. There are always bands in every place playing and most of the time they are pretty good.
Saturday night was Jake Owen/Keith Urban. You know I like motivational quotes and stuff like that. Keith sent me an email and I loved the quote he has at the bottom of his emails and thought I’d share it with you.
“Competition attempts to be LIKE.
Creativity attempts to be UNLIKE.
Competition casts all humanity into the same mold. Creativeness makes each of us a counterpart of God.”
-US Andersen.
Do you have any quotes you really like?
Keith was great as always and his after party and after-after party were something else.
The show was amazing. Both are such great entertainers. I gotta say that Jake’s new cd is unreal and I keep comparing it to what Bryan Adams “Reckless”. You know just one of those cds that everysong is great. What are the cds you have that you think EVERY song is good?

Jake Owen after show party

You know how bad the economy is now. A friend of mines mother is trying to get work and she was having trouble. She started a business in her apartment complex. She’s calling it “Mom Stuff”. She makes 10 bucks an hour to organize your kitchen, closets, do some laundry, and run errands for you. I thought that was pretty clever and she’s doing really well at it. What are some things you do to make a few extra bucks in these times?
Hope you have a great day!

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Trace Adkins Checks In With Tony and Kris

Trace with Tony and Kris Part 1

Trace with Tony and Kris Part 2

What’s your favorite? Kris’ Blog/Survey

Another one of those surveys done by Kris!You should do it too.

Name Your Top 3 Favorite

Funny Movies
Hangover, Old School, Airplane

Romantic Comedy Movies
Forgetting Sara Marshall, Sweet Home Alabama, Runaway Bride

Action Movie
Die Hard, Predator, Armageddon, The Rock (I know that’s 4)

Scary Movie
Silence of the Lambs, Seven, Frailty

Just 3 Favorite Movies
Jaws, Raiders of The Lost Ark, Back To The Future, Dark Knight– I know that’s 4

Favorite 3 Funny TV Shows
How I Met Your Mother, American Dad, Curb Your Enthusiasm

Favorite Drama TV Shows
Burn Notice, Criminal Minds, Closer

Just 3 Favorite Shows
Entourage, Covert Affairs, Family Guy

Favorite Ice Cream Flavors
Choc, Strawberry, Vanilla

Favorite Pizza Toppings
Pepperoni, Jalapeno, Black Olives

Favorite Classic Country Artist
George Jones, Conway Twitty, Don Williams

Favorite Classic Rock Artist
Van Halen, Journey, ACDC

What are your favorites?

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Heat, the end of a show, and U2 one more time- Kris’ Blog

Hey! It’s been super hot around here the past few days and I’ve been trying to stay cool. Hope wherever you are, you have had better weather. I’m excited because most of my favorite shows are back with new episodes. The Closer (best show on TV), Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Entourage are all new. It’s Entourage’s last season so I’m bummed about that. Continue reading

Blake Shelton Visits– New CD “RED RIVER BLUE”

Blake stops by to see Tony and Kris. Blake claims that a song on the the new cd “Red River Blue” that he thought of us during the recording process-T&K_Blake_Get_Some_Segment_7-8

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July 4th Weekend, U2, & Blake is Coming!- Kris’ Blog

Hope you had a great holiday weekend.  I’ll get into my weekend in a second.  Wanted to let you know that www.tonyandkris.com will be undergoing some changes here over the next few weeks.  Jessica Northey a Social Media Expert/Queen/Top Dog has joined up with our show and will in charge of all our content online.  She will also be on air with us from time to time letting us know what’s going on/trending etc..  Hope you welcome her with open arms.

If you listen to the show you know Tony and I have been lucky to enough to see/meet/become friends with a lot of artist and rarely do I get excited about a show.  Saw U2 Saturday at Vandy Stadium and all I can say is “Wow”.  It was amazing.  Front row, against the rail for the show and I realize why they have been doing this for so long.  ALL artist could learn from them.  They connect with the audience so well and sounded great.  Their stage was enormous and they just were cool.  They sang “The Wanderer” appeared to be on the fly and that was a song that they did with Johnny Cash.

At the end of the show, they pulled a man on stage that had a sign that said “Blind Guitar Player” and let him play guitar for a song dedicated to his wife and then gave him Bono’s guitar.  Can you imagine playing your wife a song with Bono singing it? see the video here! (Not my video) It was fun.  AMAZING to hear the crowd sing every song as loud as they could.

Blake Shelton drops by this week and again changes at www.tonyandkris.com.  Please do us a favor and mark the page as a favorite and spread the word.  🙂   Have a great day.

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U2 and Dolly Are Coming! Kris’ Blog

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  It was a quiet one around Nashville.  Attended a couple of artist showcases, worked some in the studio with Tony this weekend. We did find time to slip down to a bar we enjoy called Winners.

Those of you who know about me hurting my knee and that I’ve been trying to find ways to work out since then instead of running and boxing.  Started this Hot Yoga thing and it is insane.  It is a work out and I would have never thought that.  I would take some pics but they don’t allow them.  It’s pretty entertaining to see what some people think they look good in though. LOL.  I’ll be glad when I can get back to running though.
Don’t get to see much tv so I know I’m like 5 years late on this but Criminal Minds is a GREAT show.  Check it out if you get a chance.  Saw it for the first time and it really is good.
Tony and I have a pretty big announcement scheduled for next week, if there are no delays.  It will be cool.