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The 2016 Tony & Kris Country Cruise!

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Wrestlemania, P90X and More-Kris’ Blog

I had a great weekend away visiting family. Now I’m baaaaack and it’s going to be a great week.

We have John Cena on the show, I believe Gary Allan will be stopping by and a few more surprises. Bradley Gaskin (who world premiered his song on our show-see the interview in the video section) has his song Mr Bartender go on sale Tuesday. If you love REAL country music, spend the buck twenty on iTunes and get it. He’s a great guy, and has a fantastic song.
Our Flyaway announcement is coming soon. Keep checking back for details.

I’m working on my P90X and a wanna send a big thanks to @JoyceCherrier from Twitter for some motivation (she’s like a pro worker outer). I appreciate it.

Love Nashville but I am learning still how this town works. I can’t imagine really being an important person in this town. I’ve always heard Frank Liddell (Miranda’s Producer) say he HATES meeting with people and would rather let songs speak for themselves. Totally get that now. Tony and I are not producers, or even guys trying to find talent. Everyone wants to have 10 minutes of our time for a friend with a band. It’s tough cause you hate saying no to a friend but it’s everyday. I always say, just mail the CD and I’ll give you honest feedback and it’s always “I want to swing by and play it for you”. Anyway, I’ll quit complaining. lol….

The Captain America movie trailer is out (in video section). I was never a big comic book guy but this movie to me looks like it could be good.

Gotta run for now but will leave you with 3 Random Facts about Me.
1.My favorite Movie of All Time- Jaws
2.I can juggle
3.Neat freak except in my truck, don’t know why but it’s always a mess

Peace out