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Guests of the Tony and Kris Show!

Streaking, Budgets, A Great Video Moment, & Your Questions- Kris’ Blog

It’s almost Thanksgiving and people are starting to freak out. Been out a few times shopping and it’s funny to me seeing people already angry and fighting. Guess it’s the season. I am on a streak however. It was raining all day yesterday and I had to hit a few places, first Wal Mart. Parking lot was a mad house. Usually I always park in the back and just walk up instead of wasting gas and the extra steps don’t hurt me. I pulled up and since it was raining, thought that I’d check out the front. 1st spot, got it. Green Hills Mall is a tough place to park and I pull up, first spot open. Left there and met a date for a drink at Crows Nest. No parking there, pull up and the 2nd spot is wide open. I feel like Cal Ripken must have felt when he was on his streak.
I’m not sure what I’m doing this Thanksgiving, I may end up in Gulf Shores, Alabama or I might stay here in Nashville. Everyone that knows me knows I’m a HUGE Alabama Crimson Tide fan. Our biggest rivalry Auburn plays us Saturday in the Iron Bowl on CBS. If Bama wins, we will get to go to the National Championship Game. Roll Tide! (one of my favorite moments ever in the Iron Bowl is posted below. Listen to how excited the announcer gets)
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Thank you, Christmas Lights, and Sink Hole- Tony’s Blog

Well, we’re less than a week from Thanksgiving & only (Yikes!) 36 days from Christmas! Are you ready? Hopefully you’ll
have the chance to hang with family. We’re excited because we get Lexi home for a few days next week. It’s always a treat to have the whole gang under one roof. Other than that it’s business as usual. Nashville will slowly start shutting down over the next few weeks
so things get pretty quiet for the holidays. No complaints here.
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Football, Divorce, and Tracy Morgan- Kris’ Blog

It’s Wed. already. Countdown to LSU at Alabama this weekend. Very excited. A group of us got a tour bus and bus driver to take us down to Tuscaloosa.
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Fires, Taylor, & A Singing Sandwich

Hope you all are having a great week. Crazy time a place I play golf, hang out at the other night. A HUGE house caught fire and burned to the ground. I snapped a pic. Bringing it up cause it was started by a chimney that was not cleaned out in a few years. Make sure your chimney is CLEAN!
Here’s a weird one for you. Subway yesterday, I walked in and the lady in front of me ordered her sandwich by singing her order– ALL THE WAY from the bread to paying. She looked normal but every person there was just looking around like are we on a tv show or something. It was crazy. What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen while out shopping or getting food?
Tony and I head to Lexington, Ky tomorrow for the Taylor Swift concert. She is such an amazing kid. To think 5 years ago this week she released her fist song and now, WOW, just WOW. International superstar. Very happy for her and this show is very good so it will be great. Hope to see you all before the show at our tailgate party.
We are trying to hurry back from the show to get to a party or two. Lot going on here in Nashville, and a friend from San Diego is in town. Speaking of San Diego, thanks again to EVERYONE and the kind words. Looking forward to being back on KSON and we have a new station coming on in Palm Springs next week.
Halloween is here, please be careful and have fun! Hope you have a great costume like last year when Lee Ann Womack was Lady GaGa. LOL.
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Old Friends, camping, and returning to San Diego- Tony’s Blog

It’s been a busy couple weeks! Went to my 25th high school reunion a couple weeks ago. About half our class was there & it was nice to see them. It was especially great to see a couple really close friends I hadn’t 

had a chance to hang with for many years. You can always tell your real friends. We fell right back into a comfortable conversation & laughter as if not a day had passed. Sadly, no embarrassing stories to share. 
It was quite a laid back affair, with the Alabama/Florida game streaming on a big screen as opposed to music. Kind of funny.

My wife of 20 years still surprises me on occasion. This week is one of those times as she announced she wants to go camping this weekend. WTH? She has never had an interest in staying somewhere 
unless it has room service so this one really shocked me. We’re starting small. We’re just going to spend Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. I’m a tent guy. No RV for me. Can’t wait to see how she
does “roughing it.” I’ll keep you posted!

Well, the biggest news we’ve had in quite a while is the fact that we’re going to be heard in San Diego again! We’re incredibly pumped to be going back on our home of 10 years, KSON 97.3 & 92.1.
They’re going to use our show at night & we couldn’t be more proud to return to the station that gave us a chance in 1993 & gave us so much success. We start in November. 
San Diego friends – Any cool new businesses in town we should endorse or make sure we check out when we come visit?
That’s it for now. Talk to you soon!

From 1995

Who’s Fat, Bald or Dead? Tony’s Blog

I’m doing something this weekend I haven’t done in over 20 years: Seeing people with whom I went to high school!
My 25th reunion is here & I’ve decided to take the trip back to Hokes Bluff, Alabama to take part. They’ve had one or two
other reunions but we lived in California & I really wasn’t up for a 2,500 mile trip for a reunion. But now, at 43 years old & feeling
a little nostalgic, plus living much closer, I figure it’s time. Like anyone, I’m curious about my former classmates. Who will have changed the most? Who got heavy? Who got skinny? Who got bald? We were a small class so it won’t be any major throwdown, but
it should be fun to see adults who, the last time I saw them in person, were teens without a clue.
Have you done the 20+ year reunion? What were the biggest surprises? Any fights? Any hook-ups? I feel compelled to cause something to happen that will be remembered. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide & try to get pictures or video if the police are involved!

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Who NOT to date! Kris’ blog

Just a quick hello! Been a busy few days. Saw a movie for the first time in forever. Green Lantern. Now, let’s just say it’s mindless fun with great effects. I enjoyed it. More excited about the Dark Knight Rises which is coming next year. The trailer leaked online
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