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Hey Everyone,
We just wrapped up another CMA Fest here in Nashville, Tn. It was pretty amazing. I accidentally closed down Tin Roof 2 nights in a row with Chris Young which was fun. Man he can do some Tequila. I’m more of a Vodka guy, so I end up hurting when the Tequila flows. We got to emcee Chris’ fan club party which was cool. Checked out Gary Allan’s Fan Club Party, and Joanna Smith’s at the new Honkytonk Central which is amazing. The concerts were pretty much awesome. Think I read somewhere that there was over 450 performances all up and down Broadway, the arena, and the football stadium always had something going. We ran into a TK1 who listens in Italy. Her name is Chiara and by chance she recognized us and it was so great to meet her. Hope you make plans to come visit CMA Fest next year.

I swear the record shop video is for real


Hey there,
CMA FEST IS OVER! It was great as always. We were lucky enough to be involved with several artist events and sadly had to turn a few down because of timing. Tony got to check out the rehearsal for Keith Urban’s tour and only a select few got to do that. I went to this private club called the Citizen in Virago that was amazing. There was about 40 of us that got hang and talk to Shania and hear her new stuff.

She is very personable and nice. Pretty as can be too. I am told that we took a limo to LP field one night and checked out Keith Urban’s set. HA. It was a long day/night. Keith has always been a good friend to Tony and I but he keeps doing classy cool things that so many artist could learn from. His opening act this year is Jake Owen. A lot of artist keep to themselves when doing tours. Keith had a set at LP field and most artist would love playing their music for 80,000 fans. Keith did a great job but what made it cooler was is he called a few days before to Jake and said “I went online and learned to play your song “Don’t think I can’t love you” and during my set, why don’t you come out and sing that, I’ll play the guitar. How classy is that? They both knocked it out of the park.

Tony and I had to get up super early the next day because we hosted Chris Young’s Fan Club party. Chris’ 10th.

He’s gonna have a lot more cause his new cd is AMAZING. He in a classy move gave presents to those that helped him get to this point in his career. Very cool. ( We did sneak a pic from a video of when he was a kid) Gonna run now but we have new station information and our trip to Bama Rising coming later this week. Have a great day and thanks for checking this out!

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Keith Urban “Behind The Scenes” Tony’s Blog

What a CRAZY week in Nashville! It’s CMA Music Festival & all the die hard country fans have swooped in for a dream weekend.
We don’t usually wade too deep into the huge crowds, especially in this heat, but we do take part in some cool stuff. Yesterday,
Candy & I went to a private Keith Urban event. He opened up a rehearsal for industry, media & fan club-types to check out what he has in store for his upcoming tour. It was fantastic! There were around 400 people in the auditorium so it was really intimate. Keith came out &
talked about being nervous & asked that we all try to act like a “real” audience, then launched into Put You In A Song. He stopped & chatted between songs & explained some of what was going to happen. It was really fun. I snapped some pictures & took a little video. Hope you enjoy them.

Other than that, it looks like we’re hosting Chris Young’s fan club party this weekend & heading to Birmingham next week to take part in Bama Rising. Both HUGE honors. We’ll post pictures of both next week.
Have a great weekend!


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Moving, College, Boyfriends, and CMA FEST-Tony’s Blog

Man, it’s been a crazy few weeks! Between Lexi & her boyfriend’s visit, Memorial Day & our moving into a new house, I’m pooped!

Moving is always such a pain but it’s always so nice when it’s over & you’re settled. We did our move mostly ourselves over the Memorial Day weekend & a few days after. I’m no fan of manual labor so I paid a few of Geoffrey’s buddies to help & that was a smart move. It does my heart good to see teenagers doing manual labor. I don’t see it enough! Now the unpacking & searching for stuff we lost in the move begins.

Lexi’s boyfriend has returned to San Diego. He got the stamp of approval from the family. Nice, funny kid. Of course, all I want to see is my daughter happy & she is, so I’m cool. Speaking of Lexi she’s smoking through college. She’s technically going to be a Junior next semester but she’s had to slow down her course load to avoid an early graduation. On the one hand, that’s great because she’s not even 20 yet. On the other, it just means more money. I’m somewhat torn, but as always, proud of her & her commitment to education.

It’s CMA Music Festival week here in Nashville so it promises to be fun & super busy. Look for pictures & videos here on TonyandKris.com soon!


Big Week for CMA FEST- Kris’ Blog

Hope you all had a great weekend. Excited about the songwriting song thing I’ve been trying. Here is how it works. You write a song, then you get a worktape of it. If it gets some good buzz, you get a professional demo done. We have been encouraged to get a demo of our latest song we wrote and are in the process of getting that done. It’s exciting. Look forward to posting it here for you to check out when it is done.
Speaking of writing, we met and wrote some at the Fontanel Mansion. It’s Barbara Mandrell’s old house. They kept it just like it was when she lived there. It’s like 20,000 sq. feet or something. The driveway is crazy long.

This is Country Music Festival Week. Tony and I have a lot going on with Keith Urban, Shania, Gary Allan, and Chris Young to just name a few. We will keep you posted on what all is going on.
That’s it for now. Have a great day and please tell a few of your friends to check out our webpage, facebook, and twitter. Thank you so much!