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Kris’ Blog – What I Learned Watching The Bachelorette

I’m man enough to say that I watched this show because a woman made me. LOL. I don’t see how it’s been on so long. Tony and I have interviewed a bunch of people from the Bachelor and Bachelorette over the years and I had never seen the show. Here is what I picked up from the episode I watched. The blond girl that is the Bachelorette this year says the word “ROMANTIC” and the phrase “Really being open with me” a LOT. It should be a drinking game.

The other thing I noticed

Happy, Summer Movies, Concerts & More – Kris’ Blog

Hope everyone is having a great week. Had a friend ask me the other day “Why are you so happy?” It made me think about how angry I see people all the time. People flipping people off in traffic, snapping at people, just looking for a fight. Why? My answer was pretty simple. It’s a choice. Everyday, every person has the ability to be happy, if you catch yourself being in a bad mood (hope Mel Gibson reads this) just take a deep breath and smile. Guess what, it’ll pass. I have moments where things start piling up or not going the way they are supposed to and I just step back and solve it. Anyway, that’s my Tony Robbins moment of this blog.

Summer movies, concerts and what I’m buying on iTunes


Hi there,
How are you doing? Had a great time in Alabama last weekend. Ran into Teddy Gentry from the group Alabama at the mall and I Wrote 3 great songs with Bradley Gaskin. BTW, his new cd is out and it’s only $3.96 on iTunes. Get it! The song “I’m All About It” was written by Luke Bryan. All four songs are fantastic though and the single is “Diamonds Make Babies”

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Kix Brooks, The Stones, Taxes, & Jake Owen – Kris’ Blog

Hey there,
Well, what a few days it’s been. I finished my taxes which I’m pretty thrilled about, had dinner at Kix Brooks house and I played golf with Jake Owen.
Before I get to all that, this is a tip you NEED TO USE. If you are like me and you lose your wallet every so often this is a great thing. My agent was in town and he flew across the country with NO I.D., sort of. He left his wallet but had a picture of his license on his iPhone. The app to get is called “My Eyes Only”. You can lock in passwords, photos, credit card info, etc.. I am using it and now I have my license, passport, credit cards, all of that locked away. If I lose my wallet, at least I know now I can get home. Thought that was a great tip from my agent.

How The Rolling Stones Are Insecure

Singles Party, A Good Wing Woman, & Country Stars – Kris’ Blog

Hey there,
Last night went to the Nashville Lifestyles Magazine “Single In The City” party at a place called Sambuca here in Nashville. It was so much fun. Really have to thank Nashville Lifestyles Magazine for asking me to be in the issue. I’m sure they have a lot of pictures and video, I’ll try to share as soon as I see them. One thing I learned. Instead of a “Wingman” take a “WingWoman”. My friend Casey wanted to go so she went with me. If there was someone I wanted to talk to she was like I got this. She walked up and said “Where did you get those earrings?” then moved me into the conversation. Now the drawback is she has my sense of humor and several times when I’d be talking to someone she’d walk up and go “Honey let’s go, the baby keeps kicking”. It was a great time though.

Hanging with the country stars

What makes me angry, and more growth! – Kris’ Blog

We announce our first artist Monday for the Tony and Kris Country Cruise. Very excited. The artist is very cool and very talented. It’ll be fun to hang and party on the ship. Don’t miss the announcement and updates here at www.tonyandkris.com

We have added another station! We should have the official announcement in the next week. It’s very cool to be growing at the pace we are. Tony and I (many others too, JP, Andy, Paul, Sue, Dan, Steven) have worked so hard to make this happen. We appreciate you all for helping us with our dream.

Why I’m Angry

Busted Checking Out His WIfe- Kris’ Blog

I don’t know what to do with myself. 211 days til football season. Ha. Lots of stuff going on. We added Cat Country in Columbia, South Carolina to the family. Between them and Wheelz in Florence, we cover most of South Carolina. We are humbled and thrilled to be adding so many new stations. Thank you.

A CD you need to buy, a number one party, and BUSTED

Guess Who Is In Nashville Lifestyles Magazine

Single in the City
How many pop songs preach a love of the night life? You may have to ask Usher or Katy Perry for an exact number—but there’s a reason people love going out on the town, most obvious of which is schmoozing and mingling with all the other people! So this year we flooded Sambuca with a collection of Music City’s most eligible singles to celebrate the glorious nature of Nashville’s nightlife, and to showcase each one of these truly amazing individuals.

see who it is here

I’m Sad, Can’t Stand The Patriots, & Want Your Help- Kris’ Blog

Hey everyone. This week is off and running. We’ve got some exciting things coming up real soon to tell you about. Growth for the Tony and Kris Show, Cruise Announcements, Flyaway Announcements, and something really neat with the website. We really appreciate you telling your friends about us and listening to us on the radio or online. It means the world to us.

Football season is almost over and that’s a little sad. My Alabama Crimson Tide won the National Championship this year and I’m hoping the N.Y. Giants win the Super Bowl only because I dislike them less than the Patriots.

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