Kids’ Choice Awards Nominations

2017 Kids’ Choice Awards Nominations Are Here: Nickelodeon announced its Kids’ Choice Awards nominations Thursday. This year’s John Cena-hosted ceremony will not only feature nine new categories — including BFFs, Favorite Frenemies, Most Wanted Pet, and #Squad — but will also see a lot of first-time nominees, such as Black-ish, Supergirl, and Nick’s own animated series, The Loud House.
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Kids Like To Read!

Kids Actually Like To Read: Nearly 6 out of 10 young people ages 6-17 say they read for fun, according to a new study from Scholastic and YouGov.
Among the most positive findings: 40 percent of families say they began reading to their children when they were three months old or younger, compared to 30 percent in 2014.
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Better Looking, Better Pay?

Better Looking, Better Pay? Not necessarily. According to a survey, people’s salaries are influenced by more than just physical attractiveness (or lack thereof), and individual differences count, too. Research found that healthier and more intelligent people, and those with more conscientious, extraverted, and less neurotic personality traits were the ones taking fatter pay-checks home. Continue reading

Eric Church Continues His Fight

Eric Church Cancels 25,000 Concert Tickets: The tickets were purchased by scalpers and intended for re-sale at prices higher than the original price. Eric has taken a strong stand against ticket scalping, and wants all of his fans to have a fair shot at buying tickets at fair market prices.

Seacrest House Fire OUT!

Fire breaks out at TV Star’s Home: Ryan Seacrest’s sprawling Beverly Hills compound suffered a fire on Sunday night.
In an Instagram post showing charred pieces of the house, Seacrest said that there were no injuries in the fire and thanked the Beverly Hills Fire Department for their work. The 9200 square foot spread once belonged to Ellen DeGeneres.