Tony & Kris in the Morning
Tony Randall & Kris Rochester have been in the radio business since they were teens. Both began in 1986, Tony at 18, Kris at 16. The guys worked at several different small stations in the Gadsden-Anniston area of Alabama before meeting in 1991. Read more
Tony Randall
I’m the Tony half of Tony & Kris. Let me start with a conversation starter. I’m in my 40’s & have never had a cavity. Can anyone top it? 50’s? 60’s? Okay, now a little history… Read more
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Kris Rochester
My name is Kris and I’m not sure what to put on this so I’ll just try to tell you a little about myself pretty quickly. I’ve been in radio since I was 16. I’ve been lucky enough to work with Tony, who’s one of my best friends, for the last 17 years. Read more——–
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15 thoughts on “TK BLOGS

  1. melissa

    Hi you guys.. listened to you both in the early 90’s.When I came back to kson. I was shocked to see that you aren’t the morning show.. I live in Temecula now so I can listen on the web. glad to see you are still on the radio! Nice to see you!

  2. Elaine Varnes

    Where did you 2 get off too ?? My husband & I can not find you on 94.9 any more . Can we get you on another station here in Mississippi ?? MISS YOU !!

  3. Jennie

    Hey – I was on vacation – came back and on my way to work tuned in to The Wolf. What’s up? Where the heck did you guys go? Not going to be the same…….just saying.

  4. Cheryl Mackin

    Tony, I was in the Gadsden Theatre with you. Jon & I saw Grease this weekend in Guntersville and we started talking about the Gadsden production. I thought I would check to see if you were still in CA, and I see you are. Looks like the DJ business is suited to you. I wanted you to know that you are still remembered inn this area. Cheryl & John Mackin

  5. admin Post author

    Actually, Tony is syndicated and based out of Nashville. His show can be heard mornings in Anniston on the Big 95

  6. Kenny Davis

    I have really enjoyed listening to you guys since you have been on WKAK in Albany Ga. Woke up this morning and turned on the radio to find out you weren’t there. What happened? There is a since of lose. Please let me know who to contact to get you back.

  7. Ariel Ochoa

    I grew up in San Diego and listened to you two every morning, I was really disappointed when you were no longer on the air! Then I moved to Montana and started listening to the radio every morning again and there you guys are! I was so excited to learn you guys have been so successful and now I look forward to morning radio again!

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