Jake Owen The Movie Star?

Robert Rodriguez is, according to reports, confirmed as the director of the remake to John Carpenter’s iconic 1981 action-comedy Escape From New York.

For the uninitiated, Escape From New York centers around Snake Plissken, a clever, eye-patched badass initially played by Kurt Russell, whose performance in the film helped cement his reputation as a genre icon. In the movie, Manhattan is now one giant maximum security prison, in which the U.S. President has unwittingly crashed into. Plissken is sent in to save him.

The script is being penned by Neil Cross, the creator of the BBC’s Luther. There’s no word on who will take over for Russell in the role of Plissken, though we’re hearing Jake Owen’s name is at least being bandied about. A source has reported that Mr. Owen has been spotted in L.A. meeting with executives about the project.

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