Kris’ Blog – Guess Who’s Cranky!

It’s another Monday and another complaint from me.

I swear, I’m not trying to be that cranky old man BUT… I am not an animal lover, I’m allergic to most, don’t like being slobbered on and def don’t like getting hair all over me. What is the obsession pet owners seem to have letting their animals jump on people? I was on the elevator going to get my mail in flip flops and a lady gets on with her puppy and the dog is jumping all over me, licking me and grossing me out. The lady said “Oh just ignore him, he’s just playing…He’s like my kid”. I’m thinking, NO WAY you let your kid jump all over a stranger like that. Anyway, just a friendly reminder. If you are a pet owner, not everyone wants to play with your pet when you are out. Please keep them from running up on people until you know if they want your animals germs on them. Does that sound cranky enough?

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