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For some time now, I’ve been considering a tattoo.
It’s been a long process because I wanted to make sure I really wanted it for the right reasons, not just because I’m “getting older” or “having a mid-life crisis” or “losing my mind.” After quite a while, I was ready. But what to get? Like most people, I want my tattoos to have meaning, not just look cool.
I know I’ll eventually want the names of my kids, Katie & our fur babies on me, but I wanted to start with something related to my mom or dad and/or my life. A few weeks ago over Friday evening cocktails, Katie nailed it. She knows my long-running love of all things Bigfoot & she threw out the idea to get the classic image from the most famous video/picture. I immediately knew that was it. My dad & I used to watch all the specials back in the day when I was only 6-7 years-old & he would hold me when I got scared.
I have several friends with ink & one of them made a recommendation for an artist. Talked with him, felt good about him & set up an appointment. We went in last Thursday & he nailed it. Exactly as I requested. Many people have warned that this can become an addiction. I get that. I already have ideas for my next 3 or 4. It’s a fun, creative way to mark important things in my life as I prepare to hit the half-century mark next year.

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