Kris’ Blog – Make Your Own Luck

Heard an interesting conversation the other day where an acquaintance was complaining about the success of someone.
It was all the usual things you hear. This person, isn’t that good, he knows the right people, etc..
It reminded me of a thing Tim McGraw said when he was on the show last time. “I believe you make your own luck, create your own breaks”. I love this, here’s why. It’s true! A great example of this is artists’ that roll into Nashville and can sing, play and all that. They try for a few months doing the things you have to do and then disappear. They got tired of waiting to “MAKE IT”. The ones who are willing to work that extra show, do that little bit more, and keep doing it as long as it takes… Those are the ones that make it.
This could be applied to all of us and anything we do in life. Are you making your own breaks or do you complain about how things would be easier if someone else did this or that for you? I’ve been guilty of that but also have been trying really hard to make my own breaks and really most of my life have done that. It’s worth trying. Give a little extra at your job, when you catch yourself complaining, maybe be the solution to the issue and see how things change for the better. Just an idea to keep 17 going great for you. It’s working for me. 🙂

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