Kris’ Blog – Why It’s Hard To Be Nice

Ever wonder why it’s hard to be nice sometimes? Yesterday, I had something that happened that made me extremely angry.

I was walking out of my building in downtown Nashville to go get a haircut. A lady started screaming “SIR! SIR!” I stopped as she approached. Now, let me say she did not look like a homeless person looking for drugs or anything. She was cleaned up nice, had a nice purse, a nice wedding ring, clean, etc.. She said had been involved in a domestic abuse situation the night before and needed a room and was a few dollars short. I rarely have cash on me but happened to have a 20. I couldn’t imagine what a situation like that must be and how scary that must be for a woman to go through. She thanked me and said that was enough with what she had to get into a room.
As I’m getting my haircut, worried about what she must be going through, I tell my barber. He reacts with “OH HER AGAIN! She shows up about once a week with a story that she’s from Alabama running from her husband and needs X amount of dollars for a room. Her husband drops her off over there and she hangs for about 30 minutes and leaves for another neighborhood.
I was so angry, not because I got scammed out of 20 bucks, but because people ARE going through those things and do need help. I won’t ever be duped again, I will take time to look up on my phone, a shelter, or some place that offers help from now on. It’s so hard to be nice sometimes when some people are just so bad. How do you handle these types of situations?

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