Kris’ Blog – Binge Worthy In 2017

If you are looking for some shows to binge watch in the new year, I have a couple of suggestions.

Started watching “Bates Motel” and love it. It’s base on the characters from the original “PSHYCO”. It’s really compelling and well done. You don’t have to have read the book or seen the movie to keep up. It’s the events leading up to the movie. Each season is 10 episodes and the final season (5) kicks off in Feb.. I believe that is the season is where they catch up with the movie and remake that. It’s really crazy how messed up the Bates are in this series.
Another series, we’ve mentioned before is “The Americans”. It’s about two Russian spies in the 80’s passing themselves off as a regular family in Washington, D.C.. It’s so good and if you like spy stuff, and tense drama. This show is for you. What are some suggestions you have for binge watching?

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