Tony Has Fun With Fours

top4Fun with Fours…Here we go:

Four names I go by: Tony, Anthony, Tmoney, some others from a frustrated girlfriend I can’t repeat.

118626Four places I’ve lived: Ohio, California, Alabama, Tennessee.

Four things I love to watch on TV: Homeland, The Americans, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Drunk History.

Four places I have visited: Ontario, Canada; Baghdad, Iraq; All over the Caribbean; Several spots in Mexico.

Four things I love to eat: Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Burgers.

Four things you see in your future: More success in our career; A long, happy relationship; A farm for stray dogs so none have to be needlessly put down; Grandkids? (But not TOO soon!)

Four favorite drinks: Good bourbon, good beer, water, American Born apple pie moonshine.

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