foursFun with Fours…Here we go:

kris weekendFour names I go by
1. Kris
2. Kristian
3. Rochester
4. Mr. Awesome

Four places I’ve lived –
1. Gadsden, Alabama
2. San Diego, Ca.
3. Nashville, Tn.
4. My own little world

Four things I love to watch on TV:
1. College Football
2. Ray Donavon
3. Walking Dead
4. Arrested Development

Alphonse TaylorFour places I have visited:
1. Iraq
2. Hawaii
3. Virgin Islands
4. Las Vegas

Four things I love to eat:
2. Pizza
3. Breakfast Burritos
4. Steak and Potatoes

jack-daniels-tennessee-fireFour things you see in your future.
1. A wife
2. kids
3. a trip back to the islands
4. a glass of whiskey

Four favorite drinks
1. Whiskey on the rocks
2. Vodka Soda
3. Loaded Landshark (Lime beer topped with Bacardi Limon)
4. Jack Fire Shots

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