Kris’ Blog – Better Than The Mannequin Challenge


mannequin-challengeThis new mannequin challenge thing that is taking over social media is cute. If I weren’t so lazy, I’d totally do it. However, I’d love to suggest a challenge. What are the chances of a “Kindness” challenge taking over social media? I thought of this after a road trip this weekend, a car in front of me was texting at a stop light. The light changed, thumb-1c3c5d7e3c5d598dec3ba2754f75ddd1they didn’t move as they were all looking at their phones. The car BEHIND me honked. The car driven by a mother and two kids as passengers proceeded to flip me off for about a mile or so. I can only assume they thought I was the horrible person that honked at them for holding up traffic.
Let’s start a kindness challenge. Post a pic of someone that did something nice for you, it could be a Veteran you know, a neighbor, your child, whoever. Let’s try to start spreading positive energy out there. Hashtag it #KindnessChallenge

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