Tony’s Top 4


Unknown-11. What are four Rom-Coms you love? When Harry Met Sally, Four Weddings And A Funeral, Notting Hill, and Sleepless In Seattle.

2. What are four things about love you have learned? 1. Never try to force it if it isn’t there. 2. Listen to your heart, but don’t ignore your brain. 3. Don’t expect magic, but don’t let go if you find it. 4. Give more of it.

Unknown3. What are four foods you love? 1. A great burger. 2. Almost all seafood. 3. Pizza 4. Apples

4. What are four things you always do on dates? 1. Open doors. 2. Keep it light & fun. 3. Think outside the “movie & dinner” cliche’. 4. Be a gentleman.

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