Kris’ Top 4 Answers To 4 Questions


51c8wZcMS1L1. What are four Rom Coms you love?
I do like Rom Coms so it will be tough to name just four.
1. When Harry Met Sally
2. Wedding Singer
3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
4. Runaway Bride

2. What are four things about love you have learned?
1. That you can’t let a failure at a relationship in the past dictate your future
2. Always focus on the positives of someone and a relationship
3. Ask yourself more often, what am I bringing to the relationship instead of what more can the other person be doing
4. Don’t miss out on a good thing because you talk yourself out of it

Unknown3. What are four foods you love?
1. Anything Mexican
2. Pizza
3. Steaks
4. Burgers

4. What are four things you always do on dates?
We just talked about this because my date the other night had never heard of it.
1. Walking closest to the street on a sidewalk
2. Open doors
3. Turn off my phone
4. Pay for the date

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