Kris’ Blog – Marriage & Kids? What’s The Plan?

What are your plans for life?

It’s an interesting question. People all the time say “I want to be doing this” or “I want this or that”, but have no real plan to get to that goal.
I had this conversation the other day with a friend. She said I want 3 kids and to be married to a guy that is like this and that. When I asked where she saw herself in 3 or 5 years, kids and marriage never came up. Instead, she said “I’d like to go finish med school, travel a lot more, etc.. It said to me, she really doesn’t know what she wants and she definitely has no plan for her future. Not that anything is wrong with this, not judging.
Future.jpg.html I did this exercise over the weekend and I encourage everyone to try it.
I wrote out a detailed goal list. A list about my future, life, job, marriage, kids, etc… Then I went through and made a list of choices I’m making that are helping or hurting me in reaching those goals. I also talked with my friend about her goals. She said, I never really thought about it like that. She went and did the list and came back with completely different views of where she wants to be and how she is getting there.
Guess what I’m saying is if you or anyone you know is every saying stuff like “I’m not happy here or I want to do this instead of this” Ask, are you making your plans to achieve that goal. It sounds simple and really it kind of is.

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