20 Facts About Tony

Tony long20
Cooking, Cats, And Cavities,

1. He was born in Ohio, spent most of his youth in Alabama & raised a family in California.
2. He was married for 22 years & has 3 kids. Now divorced, his kids are all in their 20’s.
3. Started playing piano when he was very young, but switched to drums when he was 12. Played in the band in high school & college. Recruited for a drum & bugle corps at 15, but his mom wouldn’t let him audition.
4. Studied theatre & communications in college, but dropped out his Junior year to work in radio.
5. Has never had a cavity.
6. A huge lover of and advocate for all animals. Currently has 3 dogs & a couple cats. Previous pets include: Snakes, skinks, horses, chinchilla, hamsters, ducks, rabbit & more!
7. Born left-handed, but his mom converted him to right-handed.
8. Unbeknownst to him, he was adopted by his grandparents at birth & raised by them. He didn’t learn about it until his 20’s.
9. He’s been in numerous plays & musicals, & worked professionally in theatres in the southeast for many years. Added TV to his resume in San Diego.
10. He met his girlfriend on Twitter. They talked for months before meeting in person. He believes that’s why their relationship is so healthy & strong.
11. His music, TV & movie knowledge is extensive. Rarely stumped on any trivia.
12. He loves to cook. From simple grilled chicken to Beef Wellington, there’s not much he can’t whip up in the kitchen.
13. He almost drowned when he was 4. Luckily, his dad saw the top of his head as it was about to go under for the 2nd time & he jumped in & rescued him.
14. He’s considering his first tattoo.
15. Has enjoyed Crossfit & kickboxing over the years. His weight popped up & down a few times, but he’s committed to staying healthy now.
16. He enjoys reading, especially horror, thrillers & mysteries, and crime novels.
17. Bourbon & good beers are his favorite adult beverages (but he’s cut WAY back this year).
18. He’d love to visit every continent before he dies. He’s got North America, Europe & Asia scratched off so far.
19. Got his first gray hair when he was 16.
20. Knows all the state capitals.

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