Tony’s Blog: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

IMG_4241I lived in southern California for almost 17 years and somehow never got up to visit San Francisco. Not sure why the trip never happened, especially since it’s a place I’ve always wanted to see. Lucky for me, I now have a girlfriend from the area & we had the chance to travel there together a few weeks ago.
On top of a lot of the usual “touristy” places, I also got to meet most of her family for the first time, so it was a trip rich in great times & a lot of laughs.
Her family lives outside the city in the Vallejo/Benicia/Vacaville area. This was great, because I’ve always had a fascination with the Zodiac killer’s story & most of it took place in these areas. If you follow me on Instagram (@tmoney1968), you’ve seen my pictures of the spots where he committed most of his crimes. Very creepy.
alcI also had 2 days to explore San Francisco on foot. Katie worked in her office a couple days & I took the opportunity to hike the VERY steep streets. I spent a couple hours both days just wandering around. I climbed the stairs at Coit Tower. Beautiful & challenging, the climb is worth the view. I checked out the “Crooked Street” at the top of Lombard. It must be frustrating to live in a part of town where rude tourists clog your street to take pictures. We didn’t get to tour Alcatraz (that’s the next trip) but I got to see it from both the Bay Bridge & the Golden Gate. Also strolled through Little Italy, Chinatown & Pier 39 with Katie’s dad. We visited the Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory (where we were mistaken for a couple, which was hilarious), and had lunch on the wharf.
Long story short, I had a fantastic time. The tourist part was fun, but it was especially sweet to share my girlfriend’s city with her & her family. Can’t wait to get there again & see even more.

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