20 Facts About Kris


1. Was married for 10 years, divorced in 2004
2. Never went to college and had zero desire to go to school of any kind
3. Is allergic to most animals and especially cats
4. Has broken his nose multiple times and had surgery on it twice
5. Took boxing lessons for 2 years
6. Has never had a cup of coffee
7. Writes, plays guitar, plays tennis, and eats left handed. Boxes, throws, golfs, and bowls right handed
8. Has not had kids, but would love to have two. He’ll only do it if he finds the right woman
9. Has been songwriting for over 5 years now and is working through BMI
10. His all-time favorite movie is JAWS
11. Last book he read was “I Want My MTV: The Uncensored Story Of The Music Video Revolution”
12. Has one younger sister named Kori
13. He decided he wanted to do morning radio when he was 13 and heard “Mark & Brian” on a local radio station
14. He doesn’t like ANY seafood at all
15. Loves music of all formats
16. Has a bit of A.D.D. and likes people who can keep his attention
17. Favorite mixed drink is Vodka/Soda
18. Has no tattoos
19. Openly admits he likes romantic comedies and is a bit of a hopeless romantic
20. Has an IMDB page, with some of his acting credits from TV listed

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