Kris Answers 5 Questions- Settling Down, Money, Chicago & PDA


bbb55fa65d4465cd5252f79b4df9faa41. You guys have a lot of fun making fun of your “dating drama” on the show. Do you ever think you’ll actually settle down with someone? Yes, sure… I’ve been single for many years now, not even a GF and it’s because I just want to make sure I find the RIGHT girl. I don’t settle and neither should she.

2. What was your first car? A tan 2 door hatchback Suburu with a sound system you could hear a block away.

3. You talk a lot about saving & being smart with money. What’s the last thing you “splurged” on? That’s hard to say, I usually only spend money on me with things I really need. I guess it would be some suits I bought.

wrigley0014. What is a city in the country that you’d love to visit? Easy! Chicago, I’ve never been. Ed Warm own’s Joe’s Bar in Chicago, and I’d love to check that place out as well as hit a game at Wrigley Field.

5. Are you into PDA? Sure, but only if you are in a committed relationship. (check answer number 1) In other words, until it’s a serious deal you don’t have to worry about seeing that. LOL

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