Tony Answers 5 Questions – PDA, Movies, And Down Under


1. You talk about your gf Katie a lot. What qualities were you looking for in a relationship that drew you to her? I think the reason we clicked so well was that neither of us had any expectations about a relationship. I wasn’t looking for one & neither was she. We just started talking & quickly realized this was “it.” Her sense of humor is awesome & I like that I never have to worry about being embarrassed by her behavior in public.

Unknown2. What was your first car? A piece of junk Chevy truck my dad handed down to me. Hated it, but it was better than no car at all.

3. You’re a movie buff, what’s a movie that maybe a lot of people missed that they should rent? One of the first movies I recommend to people is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, starring Robert Downey Jr. & Val Kilmer. Another, more recent one, is Man Up, starring Simon Pegg & Lake Bell. Very cute & funny & British.

images4. What’s a country/city you’d love to visit? I’ve always wanted to take a vacation in Australia. The problem is I want 2-3 weeks or it won’t be worth the travel time & it’s hard to get that much time off from our grueling job.

5. Are you into PDA? I don’t mind hand-holding, a short hug or a quick kiss. More than that seems a little too much like “Look at us!”, & I’m definitely NOT into that.

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