A Shark, A Shirt, A Beer, And The 4th – Kris Answers 5 Questions


--rocky---apollo-creed-v-neck_i-S-83-8318-WVBY300Z1. What’s your go to meal for the 4th? Oh, I’m the usual burgers and dogs guy.

2. Do you have any traditions for the 4th? I wouldn’t call it a tradition, but I do have an Apollo Creed shirt from Rocky where he’s in that Uncle Sam costume that I wear every 4th. That started mostly because it bugged a girl I was going out with that I wore it on the 4th one year for some reason.

3. Are you watching the fireworks anywhere this year? I don’t think I’ll be out in the mess this year. Nashville has one of the largest fireworks shows in the country and it’s crowded. I’ll probably do something chill like the top of my building or a friend nearby has a great view too.

July 4th, 2001 Fireworks4. What movies remind you of the 4th of July? JAWS! It airs every year around this time. It’s my all time favorite movies. “You do whatever you gotta do to make these beaches safe, but they will be open for the 4th of July”. Great movie, now I gotta go watch it.

5. What’s your beverage of choice for the 4th. It will be loaded Landshark this year. A Landshark beer topped off with Bacardi Limon.

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