Kris’ Blog! Summer Is Here!


garth brooks 250Chris Stapleton Summer is here! That means concert season is here too. Who are you most excited to see? I’m planning on seeing Chris Stapleton with Guns N Roses which should be amazing. Garth at some point and I will see Old Dominion somewhere for sure.
Talking about summer, you should plan on coming with us on our Tony and Kris Country Cruise in September. That can be your motivation to try and get in shape over the summer. I know that is what I’m doing for sure.
cruise header phone One last thing I want to mention is all the bad news we’ve had the past few weeks, the Orlando incidents, the young actor from Star Trek that was killed in a freak accident where his own car ran over him. Just be kind to everyone and let everyone of your friends/family know that they are important to you. You really never know, and I’m glad my parents taught me to always say “I Love You” to all my loved at the end of every conversation. Should something bad ever happen to them, I’ll always know that the last thing I said to them was “I Love you”. I’ll get off my soap box now. Have a great day and thanks for reading my blog.

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