5 Questions For Tony! Obsession, Moles, and Dierks Bentley

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What’s the last home decoration you bought? I’m pretty sure it was a Nashville Neighborhoods framed print. It’s basically a map with all the nicknames of different areas of town on it.
When was the last time you were nervous? The days between having some moles removed & finding out if they were cancerous. They weren’t, thank goodness.

What’s your TV obsession? That can change from month to month, but 2 shows I will NEVER get tired of watching are Seinfeld & M*A*S*H*. We’re high on The Americans right now.

Tony and Dierks

Tony and Dierks

What’s the last concert you went to? I think it was Chris Stapleton at the Ryman.

Who’s the last famous person you talked to? Not counting interviews, I think it was Dierks Bentley. We ran into each other & talked about kids, good TV shows & busy schedules.

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