5 Questions With Kris… What’s your favorite Prince song?


Unknown1. What was is your favorite Prince song? “When You Were Mine” is probably my favorite and a close 2nd is “Little Red Corvette”

2. Merle Haggard recently passed away, what was your favorite song of his?
My ringtone for my mother has been “Mama Tried” for a long time, so that and “Sing Me Back Home”

The-Americans-Season-1-Recap3. What is your “Must Watch” tv show right now?
Easy… The Americans is so good!

4. Do you have any drink suggestions for Cinco De Mayo?
Beergaritas.. Lime mix, tequila, beer, ice. Simple and easy.

54cd20b4cf9262b51811a4f7519b1f185. What’s your favorite social media out of all of them?
Instagram probably, although I love my news and sports folder on twitter. Trying to learn snapchat. Follow me under krisrochester or kris5150 on most all social media

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