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IMG_1805Rocky has been around since I was 6 years old. If you listen to our show, you know I’ve loved the movies and even run the Rocky steps in Philly myself. You can start an argument with a group just about anytime by asking which is the best Rocky movie. Creed has given the character the perfect exit from the big screen. Sly has won most of the awards for this performance. A great way for Rocky to ride off into the sunset. I will not rank Creed in this as Rocky was a supporting character, but here is THE OFFICIAL RANKING OF ROCKY MOVIES, in my opinion.
1. Rocky 2… I love that he cares so much about Adrian he has trouble training because he knows he doesn’t have her blessing to fight Creed. When she tells him “WIN”! What’s the last thing he yells… Yo, Adrian… I DID IT!

2. Rocky 1…. It was a million to one shot. Great love story, great fight…Won Best Picture too.

3. Rocky Balboa… Loved this movie, it was very similar to the first one. Same feel, same style..just older

4. Rocky 3…. It introduced us to Survivor and Mr. T. – Nuff Said

5. Rocky 4…. The death of Apollo was tough, but Rocky fought for America

6. Rocky 5 DOES NOT EXIST…That is a rumor, a myth. This movie never happened.

Do you agree with my rankings? Let me know in the comments.

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