Kris’ 5 Questions – Super Bowl, Artist, TV, 80s, & Travel

Thanks to Alan in Palm Springs for sending these questions in…

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl
I want Peyton to win and ride off into the sunset. Don’t think the Broncos will be able to do it though

Who are a few up and comers in the country music world to be on the lookout for?
Easy, Aubrie Sellars album is available on iTunes, Josh Martin, Kane Brown also.
What is your TV show that you can’t miss right now?
I really don’t have a MUST see show on right now. I would guess the OJ Simpson show once I sit down and watch it.

I’m coming to Nashville this summer, what is something that I need to see that is not the touristy thing?
Best 80s band ever. Spazmatics, find them online at NashvilleSpaz. They play the Dawghouse every week and are a must see.

red cruise homeWhere are you vacationing this year? I don’t really have a vacation planned but will be traveling a lot. Key West, L.A., New York, Virgin Islands, Mexico, The Tony and Kris Country Cruise just to name a few.

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