Tony’s Blog – Do You Smell? I Can Help

In May of last year, Katie & I began
working out at Hotbox Fitness in Nashville. I love the hardcore kickboxing workout & it’s led to me losing about 40 pounds & counting (I have 10-15 to go). One challenge of the high-intensity, super-sweaty workouts is keeping my workout clothes clean. I’ve found that even the “good stuff” like Under Armour has a shelf life for how long I can wear it before the smell can’t be washed away.
I’ve now reached the “plug” portion of this blog. One of my trainers works for a shop called Lululemon. He gave us gift cards for Christmas so we went in & checked it out. I bought a couple shirts to try them out & I can’t recommend them enough. I can hang them dry after a workout & actually wear them more than once. Zero stink. Yes, they’re a little



pricey, but I think you get what you pay for & if you’re working out a lot & want quality, this stuff rules! Check them out here:

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