Tony’s Blog – I’ve Been Spatchcocking

If you haven’t already tried what I’m going to tell you about, absolutely bookmark it & try it next Thanksgiving (or whenever you decide to roast a turkey).

turkeyI love Thanksgiving & do most of the cooking for the day, so I’m always on the lookout for new recipes or new ways to make it tasty. This year I kept seeing a crazy word pop up in all my searches & I decided to take the plunge & try it. The word is spatchcocking. Yes, it sounds like something you might see a doctor for, but it’s actually the way to an evenly cooked & juicy bird. The basics? You flip it over & use poultry shears to cut out the backbone (which you should save to make gravy). Then you flip it back over & press down hard to snap the breastbone & get the turkey laid out as flat as possible. This allows all of the turkey to be exposed to the heat evenly, which keeps away the common issue of dried out breast & undercooked dark meat. I’m telling you, it was the best turkey ever! Give it a go!

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