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This time of year, every radio person in the country starts sending around the episode of WKRP where the turkey give away happened. It’s hilarious and fantastic. A little extra info for you on that story.

Gordon Jump on with Tony and Kris

Gordon Jump on with Tony and Kris

One of our old bosses was partially the inspiration for Herb the sales man and said it did happen! Except, instead of throwing the turkeys from a helicopter they had them in the station van and turned them loose and chaos ensued. The best part of the episode for me, and something only radio people catch that is 100% true is that if you notice early in the episode everyone is celebrating a great rating book. The station is doing great! That’s when the sales manager and general manager decided to get “INVOLVED” in the station. You have no idea how accurate this is. I always find that so funny. The program director begs them, just let us do our job and you guys enjoy the ratings! They can’t leave it alone and of course you know what happens. It happens everyday in radio. Tony and I have had managers pitch us bits that they’ve seen on Letterman and pass it off as their own, some just bad ideas, and some even worse ideas. That’s why we beg them to do their job that we can’t do and we will do our best at the job we have. Just a little behind the scenes for you. Have a great day!

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