Tony Answers Your Questions!

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1. What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish? (Any recipes?)
I’d say it’s neck and neck with homemade mashed potatoes & stuffing. My mom made the best stuffing & I’ve tried to replicate it every year. It’s always good, but never quite as good as hers. Everyone loves my potatoes. Two tips: Don’t over-work the potatoes (they get gummy if you do) & throw in a tablespoon or two of mayo when you’re doing your final mixing. Delicious!

2. What’s something sweet you do for your gf Katie that would surprise us?
I’m not sure anything would “surprise” you. I try to cook for her 3 or 4 times a week, I always open her car door for her and I text her every morning that I made it to work safely, even though she’s asleep, because she worries.

3. What are your pets named?
We have 3 dogs: Sue (a boy, like Johnny Cash’s song), Betty & Henry. Our cat, who thinks she’s a dog, is Lucy.

Christmas-Shopping-Without-Breaking-the-Budget4. When do you put up decorations around your house?
Usually right after Thanksgiving weekend.

5. Do you budget for Christmas or just get it and deal with it later?
With 3 kids & a gf, I have to budget. My days of spending “willy-nilly” are behind me. I try to be smarter now.

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