Kris’ Blog – Normal People Should Know These Things

This isn’t a complaint blog as much as it is a request. Please teach your friends, family, and strangers a few things that everyone is supposed to know.

Airport-Baggage-Carousel-1b 1. Airport Luggage: When picking up your luggage at the airport. It never fails, you get to the carousel and you get your spot and step back one or two steps so you can see down the row of luggage and someone will walk up and stand in front of you between the carousel and yourself. Don’t! The person is just giving a little space, not saving a space for you.

blog 2. Elevators: LET PEOPLE OFF! That means, when an elevator door opens up, get out of the way. It amazes me the amount of people who stand right in front of the door, looking at their phone and the door opens and they blindly walk on keeping everyone trying to get off pinned in the back of the elevator. Pay attention and LET PEOPLE OFF.

Turn_signal_use Turn Signal: Living downtown so many times I’m trying to cross a street and I had a chance to go but didn’t because of a car coming only to have it turn right before it gets to me. A signal would have helped me. Another example is lane changes on the freeway. I saw a man losing his mind in traffic zipping in and out of lanes, never using his signal, one of his sudden lane changes happened at the same time a car a little ahead of him changed. He flipped out and was screaming and pointing as he got around the car. Had he or the other car had used the signal, other people would know what the move is and it may have prevented one or both from making that lane change.

These are things, I thought were common knowledge but am learning it’s not. Hope you help spread the word.

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