Kris’ Blog – Are You Part Of The Problem?

It amazes Tony and I how many times we are sent items that are clearly urban legends or hoaxes from people swearing it is true.
The latest making the rounds again is the old Facebook rights to your content post. It’s a hoax. If you’d like to be safe before you spread rumors, there is a website called that chases down everyone of those urban legends you’ve ever heard and tells you the origin. It might be worth checking that site before you post something that is 100% false.
hoax_alert I find it even more concerning that people seem to only read the headline anymore and not the story. We posted a story today on Facebook stating that this HOAX is happening. A person immediately commented as if the story which says in the headline “IS A HOAX” is true and was angry about what Facebook was doing. I mean, the headline says “don’t fall for this hoax” and they still fell for it.
Guess I’m saying, before you believe anything, read the entire article, make sure it’s a real news source, and a quick google search or check of will let you know if it is worth a repost or at least give you a link which you can politely share with a friend that has fallen victim to these hoaxes.

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