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I get it, it’s an addiction and I’m sorry that some folks are trapped in that world of smoking. The smell disgusts me, hate driving behind a car that someone is smoking in and it gets sucked in my air conditioning. Anyway, one thing I miss about California is, legally, you have to be far away from an entrance to a building to smoke. The reason I am blogging about this is that the other day, I’m in a new suit going to a meeting. Freshly J2514showered, first time wearing the suit and walk through a doorway at a building and two smokers standing right at the door and I walk through a wave of smoke and now my clothes smell like cigs and it just made me mad. If you are a smoker, please realize that you smell and others don’t want to smell like that. Since I’m beating up you smokers, I’ll throw this out there too… Don’t throw your butts on the ground or out your windows. That’s littering and rude. Rant over. Have a great day.

One thought on “Kris’ Blog – Smoking Sucks

  1. Mary Lee Hernandez

    I am so happy you still feel this way. It’s say what we put up with when out in the public. I hate the Smoke. Wanted you to know, I miss you here in San Diego.

    Wishing you Love and Peace
    Mary Lee

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