Tony’s Blog – The Worst Company Ever?

I don’t want to unfairly generalize, but Comcast is the worst company in the world. (Pardon my venting.)

We moved into a new place last weekend & put in a request for transfer of services several days before. We already have all the equipment so we figured a self-installation should be Bic-Graphic-Customer-Serviceno problem. Requested an August 30th transfer. Got all our stuff in that day & I went to work setting it up, as Katie works from home & has to have her computer & WiFi to make it happen. Long, frustrating story short, no dice. We started the process of trying to get in touch that night, with no luck. Then, Monday morning, Katie spent hours on the phone with them being bounced around to different people & being hung up on several times. We found that someone put in a date of 9/11 for the service change. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? After much back & forth & some choice language, we have to wait until Thursday to get a technician out to take care of it. Unbelievably bad business & one more reason I went without cable for years.

Okay, venting over. Whew!

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