It’s About That Time!


UnknownAnyone that knows our show knows I’m a big football fan, both college and pro. It’s almost time! I’m excited about the coming year, living in Nashville it will be interesting to see how much improvement the team has over last year and how the new QB does. Marcus Mariota lives in the building next to mine and everyone I know that has met him say he’s very humble and nice. Let’s hope he can play! I’m disappointed that I think the Chargers will move to L.A. but hey, it’s a business. The Cowboys will never win the super bowl as long as Romo is QB, just my opinion.

Unknown-1 In college, I’m a die hard BAMA fan. This could be a tough year for us. Thin on the O-Line and Running Back plus the fact that we still don’t have an outright starting QB. People love to hate Bama and I get it, people don’t like massive success. I’m not a trash talker, the most you will hear out of me on game day is a “Roll Tide” before and after the game, plus a congrats to the winning and losing team. It always amazes me when people come out of the woodwork to attack me when the Tide lose. It’s just funny to me that people are holding all that trash in. I guess I’m used to Alabama winning and the occasional upset is not a big deal to me.

I’ll be blogging about some tailgate recipes real soon. Look forward to hearing yours too. Have a great day and ROLL TIDE!

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