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We are now less the 90 days away from the Tony and Kris Country Cruise! (October 10-17). I’m starting a 90 Day push to see what kind of shape I can get in before the cruise. My goals is to win the “Best Shape For A 44 Year Old Redneck” category. We will see how I do, but wanted to encourage everyone going and even if you’re not going to join me in trying to push a little harder to exercise.

image61605_1 Everything little things makes a difference, what made me think to post this blog is what happened to me at the grocery store recently. A lady that as far as I could see had no limitations (I know she may have something not visible) and had her kids walk along side her while on the motorized grocery cart. She hoped up to get stuff off the shelves and then right back to riding. It occurred to me that when people always seem to ride when they can walk which every step burns calories. Another couple of examples, at our airport I always see people standing in line to get on an escalator while the regular steps are right next to it. Again, riding instead of walking down 20 steps? At the gym, I’ve seen people circling the parking lot to get a close spot, then go in and get on a treadmill. Why not park in the first spot available or at the back and walk, take the stairs instead of an escalator?

Pixelmator-picture37 Take advantage of all the little opportunities to exercise, sure 10 extra steps may not seem like a lot, but if you started taking the stairs at work or parking a few feet farther back everyday. Over time that adds up. I do a 100 pushups first thing every morning when I wake up. That’s 700 push ups a week. I started with 10 a morning and built up. The key is starting. Hope you start doing that little extra and look for forward to us hanging on the Tony and Kris Country Cruise

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  1. Myrna Smith

    Great Blog Kris. I’ve also started ramping up my exercise and eating healthier. I will be walking the Susan G Koman 3 Day/60 mile walk in November and I told myself that I need to lose at least 20 pounds before this walk. I have started ramping up my walking and going to the gym. I really needed to anyway to get healthier, but the 3 day just helps to get me motivated. The only bad thing is that the cruise is during 2 of the most crucial training weekends. So I will be walking several times on the deck track, as well as trying to hit the gym. If you are up to it while we are on the boat, I could always use a gym or walking partner. Richard doesn’t walk, but I told him we might be able to do shots after I finish every mile or 2 or 3 or 4 – (get it?). Can’t wait!

  2. admin Post author

    We will walk together on the cruise for sure! The shots idea for Richard, brilliant! You always are the voice of reason in that family!

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