Letterman! End Of An Era

The Late Show with David Letterman
David Letterman. The reason I have a radio career.

images I was a kid when he came on an afternoon show that lasted weeks. I thought he was hilarious and tried my best to be him. He moved to Late Night after Carson. Carson had rules, that if Dave followed him.. Dave could not do sketches or characters like he did. It forced the network to let Dave be creative. Everything you see on late night tv is a copy of something Dave has done. I will miss that brand of comedy. Set your DVR for May 4th. “David Letterman: A life in Television” will air on CBS. IF you are not familiar with all his accomplishments, check it out. It will be must see.
Youtube has a great special that aired years ago on NBC, it’s in three parts but still worth watching. It’s “Late Night 10th Anniversary”. (SOME OF IT IS POSTED BELOW) Awesome. Most of my favorite Dave moments. Velcro Suits, Upsetting NBC management, great interviews, stupid pet tricks, etc..
Unknown Paul Shaffer deserves his props too. The man wrote “It’s Raining Men” and many more, has been Dave’s band leader for 30 years, been the house band for EVERY Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame induction, was cast member and band leader of SNL, and put together the “BLUES BROTHERS BAND”.
My favorite EPISODE EVER of Dave’s show is when he reunited Sonny and Cher. Check it out, simply the best thing to ever happen on Late Night TV. I will miss you Dave. You’ve been a major part of my life. Thank you. Thank you for everything.

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