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UnknownIn my 29 years of working in radio I’ve seen pretty much everyone I want to see in concert. Some lived up to my expectations, some fell short & some surprised me with how much they entertained me. The Zac Brown Band definitely falls into that last category. Thanks to the generosity of his label, Southern Ground, Katie & I were able to attend their famous “Eat & Greet” before the show. It was a really cool, relaxed way to see the band & be served amazing food by them as well! Afterwards, we headed to the VIP lounge for some free booze, then to our great seats for the show. Knowing how great their harmonies sound on record, I was hopeful that they would be able to live up to that sound live. They did. They banged out almost all the new record (which is all over the place, musically & that’s not a bad thing, in my opinion) plus a bunch of their familiar hits. They also ROCKED covers of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody & Stephen Stills’ Love The One You’re With (with special guest Kid Rock).
Unknown-1I guess what I’m saying is “thanks” to the Zac Brown Band for reminding me there are still real artists out there who bring true talent to the stage. If they come to your town, don’t miss the show. It’s what a concert should be – A connection with an artist that goes beyond bells & whistles.

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  1. Barbara Harper

    Wow Tony! What took you so long to discover The Zac Brown Band? Their very first opening tour night was in San Diego about 5 years ago. Greg and I were lucky enough to be a “Street Teamer” by going to their website and signing up. They fed us their great food and served us beer before the show. Then we got to pass out “Passports” to everyone coming to the show. We had already bought tickets, but they even provide you with tickets. They still do the Street Teaming with tickets. They now are big time with their Eat and Greets, but we were lucky enough to attend 3 of them. It is an awesome experience and their shows are the best! I have been a “Zamily” member since then and still enjoy them and still Street Teaming with them.

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