Tony’s Blog – It’s Getting Hot In Here


UnknownWhen I left California 6 years ago, I left behind one of my best friends, who also happened to be my personal Crossfit trainer. I was in the best shape of my life. Unfortunately, between the stress of a failing marriage & not having him to answer to 4 times a week, my fitness suffered. I’ve been riding a bike quite a bit which has been great, but now I finally took the plunge & joined a gym again. I’ve only been twice, but it’s a blast. It’s called Hotbox & they focus on kickboxing & strength training. The room where we kickbox is over 80 degrees so it gets pretty intense. It’s nice to be pushing 50 & have this outlet. I intend to once & for all, get back to my “fighting shape” & stay there. It’s never too late to make changes for a more healthy life! Get out there & move!

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